Saturday, November 8, 2014

Build Your Own: Screened Bottom Board

This is a really simple project you can make out of scrap. It is constructed from 1/2" Pine on the bottom, and 7/8" rails on the top. The side currently up can be used as your 3/4" "winter entrance", and can be reversed to reveal a 1/2" entrance. The screen is 1/8" hardware cloth you can purchase at most hardware/building stores. I have found that it is not usually kept in stock so you may have to get them to order it in for you.

Simply cut the hardware cloth 16 5/8 x 22 (cut it a little short so it doesn't stick out of the edges and catch on your clothes). I would start with the 3" front piece and staple the screen to that. Then add the 7/8" rails and back piece. Continue sandwiching it together until finished. With the exception of the hardware cloth, you could make these for free out of scrap from other projects.

Used in conjunction with a solid bottom board you can make the Combination Bottom Board located here: Combination Bottom Board

You can also download the SketchUp model here: Download

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