Monday, November 10, 2014

Build Your Own: Queen Rearing Cell Bar Frame

Alrighty good people, before you get started trying to build this frame, quickly give the tutorial on building your own Shoulderless Frame a glimpse. This is the same idea with a few modifications. This tutorial uses the same stock cuts as the previous tutorial, with the exception that our end bars will be using 1" by 3/4" material. Make these out of scrap.

Lets begin with the top bar. It is the same as the one in shoulderless frame tutorial, however we need to increase the depth of the cut to accommodate our thicker end bars.

The end bars are a little more complicated. Make them as per original tutorial except increase the thickness by double (3/4"). Then made your various grooves using a table saw or router. If you do not have these simply nail blocks of 3/8" wood into the required places creating the grooves (not as pretty but it works).

 Our cell bars and bottom bar are made from the same wood, using the same method.
You will need one at 17 3/4" to use as a bottom board, and three at 17" to function as your cell bar.

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  1. You find the 1 3/4" spacing between bars is adequate room for the cells?