Saturday, November 8, 2014

Build Your Own: Honeydrunks Queen Castle

This has been an idea I have been toying with for some time. After watching Michael Palmers dual nuc setup I was inspired to... well think about new ways to go about things. One thing I didnt like about Palmers setup was the need for little mini four frame nucs. They are a little to small to use as a nuc on its own (unless you manage intensively like Palmer, and it was just another piece of non standard equipment. So I got thinking. Many people opt for three compartment by three frame queen castles: offers a little more room for them to grow and not swarm if you are a little late, uses a standard hive body (for the most part). I still was not sold. I do however use six frame in addition to five frame nucs. So my quest was to make a queen castle, that could be converted into a double nuc, and six frame nuc bodies could be added for overwintering or letting them grow out. Step into Honeydrunks Queen Castle. Lots of math in this baby. Beespace respected as much as possible but concessions were made.

Typical Queen Castle, 1/4 inch dividers, and a 1" divider in the centre.
Close up of dividers

Inner Covers in place

Top Cover added, uses same top cover for 6 frame Nuc
Six frame Nuc added on top.

Showing half Queen Castle configuration, and half Double Nuc with one deep six frame Nuc body.

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